Yealink SIP-T33P telefoon met PoE – geen PSU

Artikelnummer: 12800062
Manufacturer nr: SIP-T33P

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High quality IP phone – ideal for small and large businesses

Yealink T33P is an entry-level IP phone with high performance and colour LCD display. It can support up to 4 SIP accounts and can host conferences with up to 5 participants. Its stylish design and large backlit display will provide comfortable use as well as an excellent viewing experience of the menu and its functions. In addition, it includes 2 Ethernet ports with integrated PoE, supports remote hangers to connect your wireless headphones and a multi-angle phone stand. The features of this Yealink make it a high-quality IP phone, ideal for maximising productivity in small and large businesses.

Focus on your conversation

Make the most of your conversations with T33P and Yealink audio quality. With Full Duplex HD sound you’ll understand your callers perfectly and they’ll have the opportunity to hear you perfectly through the speaker, just like a face-to-face meeting. You’ll enjoy effective, clear and enjoyable communication that you can listen to using a 3.5mm Jack corded headset, creating a focused environment. In addition, Yealink T33P adapts to any hearing aid to ensure that everyone can benefit from crystal-clear sound.

Professional features

With its HD LCD display and interface, you can access all phone functions quickly, error-free and without the need for additional information to use your device. Your phone supports Microsoft 365 and can be added into your set-up to be more efficient, for example to respond to a conference with a single click. It has a 3.5mm Jack headset input. Plus, with 4 SIP accounts, you’ll be able to handle multiple calls at once and easily transfer them.

Easy integration and installation

Your Android system gives you the ability to link features to your company’s underlying ecosystem to tailor your phone to your basic needs. For development, maintenance and day-to-day use, this appliance includes centralised functions via Microsoft Device Management Platform and Unify Square for easy management.

Key features:

  • IP phone with 4 SIP accounts
  • High quality HD voice for clear calls
  • Conferencing up to 5 participants
  • Features with 6 customisable buttons
  • PoE with a single cable
  • 2.4” LCD colour screen


  • 2.4” LCD colour screen
  • 132×64 display resolution
  • PoE
  • 4 SIP accounts
  • 12 memory keys (4 pages of 3 keys)
  • 4 LED line keys
  • 6 navigation keys
  • Volume control keys
  • 5 feature keys: messages, mute, headset and hands-free
  • 6 customisable keys
  • Stand with 2 adjustable angles
  • Opus Codec support
  • HD voice quality: speakerphone and handheld micro headset
  • Intelligent noise filter
  • Noise cancellation
  • Full Duplex hands-free speaker
  • 5-way local conferencing
  • Phonebook of up to 1000 entries
  • Caller ID (name and number)
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Blacklist
  • Call history: missed, received, dialled
  • 2 Ethernet ports
  • 1 RJ9 port (for handheld micro headset)
  • 1 RJ9 port (for headset)
  • Supports remote hangers for connecting wireless headsets
  • Wall mounting possible
  • Classic grey
  • Dimensions: 212x186x146x42mm



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