Digital Signage starts with the H200 from AMINO

AVI/HEVC 4Kp60 high-quality video. The ability to eliminate power cords with power-over-ethernet.

We are BNS Data Logistics

We belief that innovation should never be a goal in itself, but rather a great and efficient tool to improve the quality of life. At BNS DATA LOGISTICS we develop, design, refurbish and distribute products for global Internet Service Providers, IT & Telecom Installers.

Our focus is on innovating the best solutions for the network and connectivity market. Our goal is to redefine the current perspective in the network and connectivity solutions market. With our brands AVM, Amino, CTS, EPOS, SmartXS, Yealink we can offer unique innovative oppertunities.

Why not strive for better, safer and more sustainable products to create a more comfortable life? For you, for your installers, but, in the end for people. People like you and me. We call this:

Technovation for human experience. 

Digital Signage by Amino

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